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  • Open Heart: "Never Know" video

    Open Heart: "Never Know"

    Open Heart: "Never Know"

    The Blake family is keeping a deep secret. How long will it stay concealed?

  • The Dark Side video

    The Dark Side

    H2O: "The Dark Side"

    Frustrated by the water tentacle's attacks, Rikki goes to Mako Island during the full moon to confront the strange force in the Moon Pool. Will hurries after her and makes a strange discovery.

  • A Magnetic Attraction video

    A Magnetic Attraction

    H2O: "A Magnetic Attraction"

    Cleo meets Ryan, a young geophysicist working for Samantha, and shows him the Mako rock. Will confesses what he saw at the Moon Pool.

  • Into The Light video

    Into The Light

    H2O: "Into The Light"

    When Ryan visits Mako Island, Rikki worries that he'll uncover their secrets. Cleo and Bella won't listen to her concerns, so Rikki takes action to stop Ryan herself.

  • Breakaway video


    H2O: "Breakaway"

    Will competes in a major free-diving competition, and then decides to quit the sport for good. Rikki breaks up with Zane after she catches him kissing Sophie.

  • Queen For A Day video

    Queen For A Day

    H2O: "Queen For A Day"

    Zane makes Sophie the manager of the cafe. Bella develops a new allergy, and her sneezes trigger her mermaid powers.

  • Episode 110 video

    Episode 110

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 110

    Loren and Melissa aren't able to give Eddie the song, and Eddie sees a photo that may change his mind about Chloe.

  • Episode 112 video

    Episode 112

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 112

    Eddie plans a new surprise for Chloe. Loren is suspended from school unless she can prove her own innocence right away.

  • Episode 113 video

    Episode 113

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 113

    Chloe tells Eddie that Tyler's been stalking her to explain the photo. Loren is proven innocent at school but doesn't make the contest's top five.

  • Episode 215: Moving On video

    Episode 215: Moving On

    Dance Academy: "Moving On"

    As Tara negotiates her return to the Academy, Ethan's search for employment reminds him that he's straying from his original dreams.

  • Episode 216: Origins video

    Episode 216: Origins

    Dance Academy: "Origins"

    Christian invites himself along on Sammy and Ollie's road trip in order to reconnect with his estranged father, while Sammy competes in the Prix de Fonteyn.

  • Episode 217: Love and War video

    Episode 217: Love and War

    Dance Academy: "Love and War"

    It's a hip-hop showdown between the First and Second Years to determine which year is most talented. Meanwhile, Tara enjoys a lesson in rebellion from Grace.

  • Episode 218: Catch Me If I Fall video

    Episode 218: Catch Me If I Fall

    Dance Academy: "Catch Me If I Fall"

    During a trip to the circus, Christian's dad makes promises that he's unable to keep, Tara tries to repair her friendship with Kat, and Sammy goes public about his new romance

  • Episode 219: The Naturals video

    Episode 219: The Naturals

    Dance Academy: "The Naturals"

    Finally over Christian, Tara hunts for a new crush. Meanwhile, Abigail and Grace realize that they are capable of more in life and dance than they thought.

  • Epic Copycat video

    Epic Copycat

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures: "Epic Copycat"

    Winter formal is coming up and when the most popular girl in Bucket's class, Danielle, breaks up with her boyfriend Bucket decides to ask her to the dance. However, Aloe also wants to take Danielle as it will secure him the winter dance King title. Since Danielle only dates "nice guys" Aloe begins to mimick Bucket's personality, and now it's up to Bucket and Kelly to expose Aloe as a fraud and win back the girl that is rightfully Bucket's.

  • Epic Chicken video

    Epic Chicken

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures: "Epic Chicken"

    Bucket's crippling fear of chickens embarrasses him when one gets loose at school and he totally loses his cool in front of Kelly. In an attempt to prove he isn't a wimp, he and Skinner stage a fake robbery at the surf shop. Things, however, don't go according to plan.

  • Epic Cheer video

    Epic Cheer

    Bucket and Skinner 's Epic Adventures:"Epic Cheer"

    Bucket and Skinner join Kelly's cheerleading squad when they learn the team is competing for a trip to Regionals in Hawaii. But when they accidentally get most of the squad sick with food poisoning, they must convince rival Aloe to fill-in and save the team. After losing her smart phone, Piper can't stay on top of her busy schedule, and soon embraces the life of a slacker.

  • Epic Showdown video

    Epic Showdown

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures:"Epic Showdown"

    Piper teaches Bucket and Skinner martial arts, and in a nice gesture makes them think they are better than they actually are. But after the now-confident guys accept a challenge to fight the school bully, Piper and Kelly must tell them that they aren't very good at karate, and the guys must find a way out of the confrontation.

  • Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius" video

    Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

    Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

    Mrs. Hayfer needs a house sitter and it's the boys to the rescue, but all doesn't go according to plan when they meet Tiberius, a vicious dog with an appetite for... Drake and Josh?!

  • Driver's License video

    Driver's License

    Drake & Josh: "Driver's License"

    Josh is behind the wheel!

  • Football video


    Drake & Josh: "Football"

    Josh is a football star!?! See the WHOLE show in Ha! Ha! Nick!