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  • Degrassi: "Enjoy the Silence" video

    Degrassi: "Enjoy the Silence"

    Degrassi: "Enjoy the Silence"

    Hiding Zig out at the Matlin house while Maya organizes the Art Night seems to be working� for now. But will she be able to keep the gang away? Clare is desperate for answers from Drew.

  • Degrassi: "How Bizarre" video

    Degrassi: "How Bizarre"

    Degrassi: "How Bizarre"

    Drews excited for the last days of the Hollingsworth campaign but his charm gets him more than he bargained for.

  • Degrassi: "My Hero" video

    Degrassi: "My Hero"

    Degrassi: "My Hero"

    Becky's gaming adventures have turned into online dates, but when she realizes her knight is not who he says he is, she must put a stop to it.

  • Degrassi: "Hypnotize" video

    Degrassi: "Hypnotize"

    Degrassi: "Hypnotize"

    When Tristan asks Mr. Yates for some writing help for his MC gig, Mr. Yates suggests he comes to his apartment for some extra help. Imogen crushes hard on Jack and is determined to prove she can "roll" with her crowd.

  • Degrassi: "Believe Part 1" video

    Degrassi: "Believe Part 1"

    Degrassi: "Believe Part 1"

    Degrassi High heads to the stand this week in all new episode "Believe Part 1"!

  • Degrassi: "Believe Part Two" video

    Degrassi: "Believe Part Two"

    Degrassi: "Believe Part Two"

    Catch the conclusion to the big trial this week in an all new episode "Believe Part 2"!

  • Degrassi: "Thunderstruck" video

    Degrassi: "Thunderstruck"

    Degrassi: "Thunderstruck"

    Watch the hour-long Degrassi season finale now!

  • Degrassi: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video

    Degrassi: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

    Degrassi: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

    When morning sickness overwhelms Clare, she confides in Alli and Jenna. Zoe sees red when Becky tells her she is too much of a distraction for the power cheer team. Miles and Tristan are getting closer.

  • Degrassi: "Thunderstruck Part II" video

    Degrassi: "Thunderstruck Part II"

    Degrassi: "Thunderstruck Part II"

    Zo� goes after Maya in the storm and they wind up at The Dot, where they start bonding. Clare and Eli spend the night together. Drew finds Becky, and they wind up trapped in a room together, with gas leaking. Miles and Tristan become very close during the storm.

  • Believe Me Brother video

    Believe Me Brother

    Drake & Josh: "Believe Me Brother"

    Watch "Drake & Josh" on Nickelodeon!

  • Drew and Jerry video

    Drew and Jerry

    Drake & Josh: "Drew and Jerry"

    Are Drew and Jerry the new Drake and Josh?

  • Extra Scoop: 411 video

    Extra Scoop: 411

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "The 411 on Zoey 101!"

    The cast dishes the secrets on the set of "Zoey 101"!

  • Mindy Loves Josh video

    Mindy Loves Josh

    Drake & Josh: "Mindy Loves Josh"

    Does Mindy really love Josh?

  • I Love Sushi video

    I Love Sushi

    Drake & Josh: "I Love Sushi"

    Grab your chopsticks! Drake & Josh are working in a sushi factory.

  • The Storm video

    The Storm

    Drake & Josh: "The Storm"

    Drake's big concert is tonight...too bad the weather's keeping everyone at home!

  • Eric Punches Drake video

    Eric Punches Drake

    Drake & Josh: "Eric Punches Drake"

    Josh's still crushing on Mindy, but has she moved on?

  • Megan's First Kiss video

    Megan's First Kiss

    Drake & Josh: "Megan's First Kiss"

    Megan's got a boyfriend...but is he trouble?

  • The Bet video

    The Bet

    Drake & Josh: "The Bet"

    Is it possible for both Drake and Josh to lose the same bet?

  • Helen's Surgery video

    Helen's Surgery

    Drake & Josh: "Helen's Surgery"

    Drake and Josh use Helen's temporary blindness to run wild!

  • Helicopter video


    Drake & Josh: "Helicopter"

    When Drake wins a free skydive, Josh does everything in his power to stop him.

  • Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is video

    Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Hello My Name Is"

    How similar is the cast of "Zoey 101" to the characters they play? Find out!