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  • Sara Waisglass and Spencer Macpherson video

    Sara Waisglass and Spencer Macpherson

    Degrassi Downtime with Sara Waisglass and Spencer Macpherson

    Watch TeenNick.com's exclusive interview with Sara Waisglass and Spencer Macpherson where they answer questions from Degrassi fans!

  • October HALO Honoree! video

    October HALO Honoree!

    October HALO Honoree!

    Learn how Zach Mallory helps and leads others as a LGBTQIA advocate

  • Jungle Hunt video

    Jungle Hunt

    H2O: "Jungle Hunt"

    Will investigates what happened to him on Mako Island. Bella offers to help, hoping to steer him away from the Moon Pool. Lewis and Cleo are convinced that the Moon Pool has changed.

  • Keep Your Enemies Close video

    Keep Your Enemies Close

    H2O: "Keep Your Enemies Close"

    Cleo applies for a job as an assistant dolphin trainer at the marine park. Bella takes it personally when Rikki fires the live band from the cafe.

  • Valentine's Day video

    Valentine's Day

    H2O: "Valentine's Day"

    On Valentine's Day, Rikki, Bella, Cleo, and Kim all face romantic troubles. Meanwhile, Cleo's dad, Don, meets someone new -- Samantha.

  • Big Ideas video

    Big Ideas

    H2O: "Big Ideas"

    Zane arranges a dirt bike race to publicize the cafe, but when Rikki discovers it's a scam, she and Bella decide to teach him a lesson. Cleo and Lewis make a strange discovery at the Moon Pool.

  • Happy Families video

    Happy Families

    H2O: "Happy Families"

    Don organizes a beach picnic for Cleo and Kim to bond with Samantha, and is upset when Cleo refuses to swim. Will's sister Sophie competes with Bella for a job at the cafe.

  • The Wonder Girls: Special video

    The Wonder Girls: Special

    The Wonder Girls: Special

    The Wonder Girls, one of the hottest bands in Korea, make their way to New York for their tour. Along the way they butt heads with one of America's hottest girl bands, The School Gyrls, at the famous Apollo Theater! Now it's go big or go home as the two bands battle it out with each other for the fame, the glory, and the stacks!!

  • Breaking From Above: "Episode 2" video

    Breaking From Above: "Episode 2"

    Breaking From Above: "Episode 2"

    Choreographer Danielle Polanco and Vocal Coach Tom McKinney begin to work with the girls, and tensions within the group grow.

  • Breaking From Above: "Episode 1" video

    Breaking From Above: "Episode 1"

    Breaking From Above: "Episode 1"

    The UK girls arrive in Houston and are shocked to learn that they will be living with two others and competing against each other to stay in their own band.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 5" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 5"

    SLiDE: "Episode 5"

    The gang steal a famous statue as a prank, and the public isn't amused. To avoid punishment, they'll have to cover their tracks -- fast! Things heat up between Tammy and Luke.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 6" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 6"

    SLiDE: "Episode 6"

    Eva wants to sneak into a music festival alone, but Tammy, Scarlett, Luke, and Ed tag along. During the trip, tensions run high, and all sorts of secrets are revealed.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 7" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 7"

    SLiDE: "Episode 7"

    Scarlett faces expulsion and the prospect of leaving town forever. Before she goes, the five friends set out to pull off the ultimate day of fun.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 9" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 9"

    SLiDE: "Episode 9"

    Ed tries to make things right with Tammy, but that's the least of his problems. As finals approach, he's not sleeping -- and he's starting to lose his mind.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 10" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 10"

    SLiDE: "Episode 10"

    Now that school's over, everyone's in the mood to celebrate. Tammy decides she's ready to lose her virginity, but not to Ed or Luke.

  • Episode 204: Legends video

    Episode 204: Legends

    Dance Academy: "Legends"

    Tara's ecstatic about her new Second Year teacher; and Ethan rebels against Sebastian's suppression of his choreography skills.

  • Episode 202: Dreamlife video

    Episode 202: Dreamlife

    Dance Academy: "Dreamlife"

    Tara finds a new hero in the youngest principal dancer in the Company's history, and a new worry about her future with Christian. Meanwhile, Abigail searches for dirt to remove Grace from Second Year.

  • Investigation video


    Alien Surf Girls: "Investigation"

    Brandon and Zoey finally reconnect, and Zoey tries to unlock Brandon's childhood memories. Meanwhile, Sgt. Mitchell is hot on the aliens' trail.

  • Flight video


    Alien Surf Girls: "Flight"

    With Brandon's help, Zoey and Kiki hope to return to Lumina. Is there really a spaceship hidden near the lighthouse -- and will they be able to find it?

  • Episode 203: Faux Pas de Deux video

    Episode 203: Faux Pas de Deux

    Dance Academy: "Faux Pas de Deux"

    Kat makes friends at her new school after choreographing a project for drama class. Meanwhile, Ben has a rough start to Second Year.

  • Episode 205: Showcase video

    Episode 205: Showcase

    Dance Academy: "Showcase"

    Ethan and Abigail clash while working together on an important dance performance. Meanwhile, Tara finds it hard to compete with Christian's old friend Kaylah.