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  • Big Time Rush video

    Big Time Rush

    TeenNick's Not So Silent Night Sing-Along: Big Time Rush: "Big Time Rush"

    Learn the lyrics to Big Time Rush's theme song "Big Time Rush" and sing along with TeenNick this holiday season!

  • Chairman Nick video

    Chairman Nick

    Chairman Nick Cannon: Chairman Nick

    Meet TeenNick's new chairman, Nick Cannon, and then holla at him. (Seriously. He wants you to.) On 9/28, The N becomes the new TeenNick.

  • Dramedy video


    Chairman Nick Cannon: Dramedy

    Chairman Nick's job has nothing to do with camels, really -- except in this clip.

  • Is Aislinn Nice? video

    Is Aislinn Nice?

    Chairman Nick Cannon: Is Aislinn Nice?

    Aislinn Paul plays Clare on Degrassi, but in real life, is she that sweet and wholesome? Chairman Nick is about to find out.

  • One on One video

    One on One

    Chairman Nick Cannon: One on One

    Kyla Pratt's character has a comeback for everything -- but Chairman Nick thinks he's got her beat.

  • Research video


    Chairman Nick Cannon: Research

    The TeenNick research department is up on all the latest triends, but they're trying to get all up on Chairman Nick.

  • Shirtless Cole video

    Shirtless Cole

    Chairman Nick Cannon: Shirtless Cole

    Chairman Nick wants to know what's on your mind -- even if it's something like this.

  • Show Ideas video

    Show Ideas

    Chairman Nick Cannon: Show Ideas

    Chairman Nick gets lots of suggestions for new TeenNick shows... and they're not all good.

  • The Chairman's Voicemail video

    The Chairman's Voicemail

    Chairman Nick Cannon: The Chairman's Voicemail

    Wanna watch Chairman Nick check his voicemail? No, really... check this out.

  • The Copy Room video

    The Copy Room

    Chairman Nick Cannon: The Copy Room

    At TeenNick Headquarters, the copy room is mainly used for one thing... and it sure isn't copying. On 9/28, The N becomes the new TeenNick.

  • The Elevator video

    The Elevator

    Chairman Nick Cannon: The Elevator

    Being the chairman of TeenNick has its benefits -- just ask Nick Cannon. On 9/28, The N becomes the new TeenNick.

  • Too Familiar video

    Too Familiar

    Chairman Nick Cannon: Too Familiar

    At TeenNick Headquarters, Nick Cannon isn't the only one who likes the name Nick. We ALL do. On 9/28, The N becomes the new TeenNick.

  • What We Are video

    What We Are

    Chairman Nick Cannon: What We Are

    What's TeenNick all about? Watch this video, featuring Mika's "We Are Golden" and you'll understand.

  • Non-Micromanager video


    Chairman Nick Cannon: Non-Micromanager

    Chairman Nick's management style is the laid-back-est. Unless he happens to know how to do your job better than you do.

  • The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe" video

    The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe"

    The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe"

    If we absolutely had to get stuck in a scary forest being attacked by glowy-eyed creepoids... we might not hate being stuck there with Jordan Witzigreuter, dancing to "Love Like Woe."

  • Beyonce - "Halo" video

    Beyonce - "Halo"

    TeenNick Rocks Out: Beyonce - "Halo"

    Catch Beyonce performing "Single Ladies" from TeenNick Rocks Out!

  • 2011 HALO Awards: What is the HALO Effect? video

    2011 HALO Awards: What is the HALO Effect?

    2011 HALO Awards: What is the HALO Effect?

    The HALO effect is global! Are you inspired by your fellow teens?

  • House Of Sting: Dance Jitters video

    House Of Sting: Dance Jitters

    House Of Anubis: "House Of Sting: Dance Jitters"

    Fabian finally asks Nina to the prom and she says yes!

  • The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video video

    The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video

    The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video

    Here is the full version of The Wonder Girl's "The DJ is Mine"! The Wonder Girls Special premieres Thursday at 8p et!

  • Lockers video


    Ned's Declassified: "Lockers"

    Ned knows lockers!

  • Project Partners video

    Project Partners

    Ned's Declassified: "Project Partners"

    Moze is crushing on her partner!