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  • Things That Haven't Happened Yet video

    Things That Haven't Happened Yet

    Gigantic: "Things That Haven't Happened Yet"

    Anna is over her parents' wariness of Joey; so why not run away to Asia with him?

  • Food Stylist Girl video

    Food Stylist Girl

    Gigantic: "Food Stylist Girl"

    Will the paparazzi cost Joey a living, Anna her boyfriend, and Piper her dream stepdad?

  • The Joy of Contrition video

    The Joy of Contrition

    Gigantic: "The Joy of Contrition"

    Walt is stoked to hear from a producer. But is this about his music or his last name?

  • Get 'Em! video

    Get 'Em!

    Gigantic OMG: Get 'Em!

    The party might be a joke, but that fight sure isn't.

  • The Hell Just Happened video

    The Hell Just Happened

    Gigantic: "The Hell Just Happened"

    Anna's mom wants to be besties again and Maggie must choose between Walt or her career.

  • Maggie Comes Clean video

    Maggie Comes Clean

    Gigantic OMG: Maggie Comes Clean

    Walt finds out the truth from Maggie that she's willing to risk anything and everything for her career. There's a reason Walt doesn't date actresses.

  • Back To Normal video

    Back To Normal

    Gigantic: "Back To Normal"

    The Moores plan a cozy family dinner to reconnect.

  • A Rainy Kiss video

    A Rainy Kiss

    Gigantic OMG: A Rainy Kiss

    Anna and Joey don't need any words. They just need each other...and maybe a little rain.

  • Scramble video


    Gigantic: "Scramble"

    Anna has to choose between Russell and Joey.

  • Almost Arrested!? video

    Almost Arrested!?

    Gigantic OMG: Almost Arrested!?

    Vanessa lets Anna in on a little secret. How to get out of anything by...crying. Sometimes it's good to have an actress for a friend.

  • Joey's Interview video

    Joey's Interview

    Gigantic OMG: Joey's Interview

    Anna finally listens to what Joey has to say. He loves her! And where are all those letters he sent?

  • Keeping Secrets video

    Keeping Secrets

    Gigantic OMG: Keeping Secrets

    When Vanessa and Maggie show up at the same audition, Vanessa finds out what big secret Maggie has been keeping from Walt.

  • It Won't Be Awkward. video

    It Won't Be Awkward.

    Gigantic OMG: It Won't Be Awkward.

    Nooo, it definitely won't be awkward at all when Anna's boyfriend goes off into nature with her Australian ex-fling and her dad.

  • Now What? video

    Now What?

    Gigantic OMG: Now What?

    Walt's on the cover of a tabloid. Joey's a pariah. Anna is hurting. It's a mess.

  • Maggie's Audition video

    Maggie's Audition

    Gigantic OMG: Maggie's Audition

    Technically not a real audition, but the brutal No she gets from Vanessa feels pretty real anyway. And that tampon commercial move is as real as it gets.

  • Piper's Plea for Attention video

    Piper's Plea for Attention

    Gigantic OMG: Piper's Plea for Attention

    Piper may resort to heavy melodrama, but it turns out all she really wants is some honesty.

  • No More White Food video

    No More White Food

    Gigantic OMG: No More White Food

    Meet the Hollywood version of the step-monster from hell.

  • Most Romantic Break Up Ever video

    Most Romantic Break Up Ever

    Gigantic OMG: Most Romantic Break Up Ever

    Anna decides to end... whatever it is that was going on between her and Joey. But Joey's got one last, sweet trick up his sleeve to let her know it's far from over.

  • Gigantic: Behind-the-Scenes video

    Gigantic: Behind-the-Scenes

    Gigantic: Behind-the-Scenes

    What are the cast of Gigantic like behind-the-scenes? Take an on-set peek!

  • Piper Tells 'Em video

    Piper Tells 'Em

    Gigantic OMG: Piper Tells 'Em

    Piper tells the paparazzi -- and the world -- what they can kiss.

  • Joey Confuses Anna video

    Joey Confuses Anna

    Gigantic OMG: Joey Confuses Anna

    Finding a quiet space for some privacy at a huge movie premiere turns out to be the least of Anna's challenges with Joey.