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  • Back To Normal video

    Back To Normal

    Gigantic: "Back To Normal"

    The Moores plan a cozy family dinner to reconnect.

  • The Hell Just Happened video

    The Hell Just Happened

    Gigantic: "The Hell Just Happened"

    Anna's mom wants to be besties again and Maggie must choose between Walt or her career.

  • The Joy of Contrition video

    The Joy of Contrition

    Gigantic: "The Joy of Contrition"

    Walt is stoked to hear from a producer. But is this about his music or his last name?

  • Food Stylist Girl video

    Food Stylist Girl

    Gigantic: "Food Stylist Girl"

    Will the paparazzi cost Joey a living, Anna her boyfriend, and Piper her dream stepdad?

  • Things That Haven't Happened Yet video

    Things That Haven't Happened Yet

    Gigantic: "Things That Haven't Happened Yet"

    Anna is over her parents' wariness of Joey; so why not run away to Asia with him?

  • Piper's Plea for Attention video

    Piper's Plea for Attention

    Gigantic OMG: Piper's Plea for Attention

    Piper may resort to heavy melodrama, but it turns out all she really wants is some honesty.

  • Maggie's Audition video

    Maggie's Audition

    Gigantic OMG: Maggie's Audition

    Technically not a real audition, but the brutal No she gets from Vanessa feels pretty real anyway. And that tampon commercial move is as real as it gets.

  • It Won't Be Awkward. video

    It Won't Be Awkward.

    Gigantic OMG: It Won't Be Awkward.

    Nooo, it definitely won't be awkward at all when Anna's boyfriend goes off into nature with her Australian ex-fling and her dad.

  • Now What? video

    Now What?

    Gigantic OMG: Now What?

    Walt's on the cover of a tabloid. Joey's a pariah. Anna is hurting. It's a mess.