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  • Exposed Part 1 video

    Exposed Part 1

    H2O: "Exposed Part 1"

    Dr. Denman returns to research Mako Island!

  • Exposed Part 2 video

    Exposed Part 2

    H2O: "Exposed Par t2"

    Dr. Denman sets a trap for the girls...

  • Love Potion #9 video

    Love Potion #9

    H2O: "Love Potion #9"

    Armed with Lewis' water proof spray, the girls go to the school dance!

  • In Too Deep video

    In Too Deep

    H2O: "In Too Deep"

    Miriam's out to make Rikki's life miserable!

  • Stormy Weather video

    Stormy Weather

    H2O: "Stormy Weather"

    The girls are in for a night of trouble!

  • Control video


    H2O: "Control"

    Cleo wants Lewis to just leave her alone!

  • The One the Got Away video

    The One the Got Away

    H2O: "The One that Got Away"

    Cleo might be jealous of Lewis's new friend!

  • Fire and Ice video

    Fire and Ice

    H2O: "Fire and Ice"

    Does Elliot think Rikki would make a better sister than Emma?

  • In Hot Water video

    In Hot Water

    H2O: "In Hot Water"

    Will Lewis take the fall for the girls' prank?

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks video

    Wrong Side of the Tracks

    H2O: "Wrong Side of the Tracks"

    Rikki wants to keep her history secret from Zane.

  • Riding for a Fall video

    Riding for a Fall

    H2O: "Riding for a Fall"

    Yikes! Lewis has TWO dates to his awards dinner!

  • Pressure Cooker video

    Pressure Cooker

    H2O: "Pressure Cooker"

    Don appears to have a girlfriend...and it's Charlotte's mother!

  • Missed the Boat video

    Missed the Boat

    H2O: "Missed the Boat"

    Are Lewis and Charlotte an item??!

  • In Over Our Heads video

    In Over Our Heads

    H2O: "In Over Our Heads"

    While searching for a treasure chest, Rikki injures herself!

  • Fish Fever video

    Fish Fever

    H2O: "Fish Fever"

    Is Emma turning into a fish?

  • Irresistible video


    H2O: "Irresistible"

    Nate's secret potion has strange powers over Emma, Cleo and Rikki!

  • Moonwalker video


    H2O: "Moonwalker"

    Is Charlotte on to the secret of the moon pool?

  • Get Off My Tail video

    Get Off My Tail

    H2O: "Get Off My Tail"

    Can Cleo win Lewis back?