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  • Epic Chicken video

    Epic Chicken

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures: "Epic Chicken"

    Bucket's crippling fear of chickens embarrasses him when one gets loose at school and he totally loses his cool in front of Kelly. In an attempt to prove he isn't a wimp, he and Skinner stage a fake robbery at the surf shop. Things, however, don't go according to plan.

  • Epic Cheer video

    Epic Cheer

    Bucket and Skinner 's Epic Adventures:"Epic Cheer"

    Bucket and Skinner join Kelly's cheerleading squad when they learn the team is competing for a trip to Regionals in Hawaii. But when they accidentally get most of the squad sick with food poisoning, they must convince rival Aloe to fill-in and save the team. After losing her smart phone, Piper can't stay on top of her busy schedule, and soon embraces the life of a slacker.

  • Epic Showdown video

    Epic Showdown

    Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures:"Epic Showdown"

    Piper teaches Bucket and Skinner martial arts, and in a nice gesture makes them think they are better than they actually are. But after the now-confident guys accept a challenge to fight the school bully, Piper and Kelly must tell them that they aren't very good at karate, and the guys must find a way out of the confrontation.

  • Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius" video

    Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

    Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

    Mrs. Hayfer needs a house sitter and it's the boys to the rescue, but all doesn't go according to plan when they meet Tiberius, a vicious dog with an appetite for... Drake and Josh?!

  • "Check ? X" video

    "Check ? X"

    Dance Academy: "Check ? X"

    Abigail has serious trouble balancing her ballet commitments and her musical splinter rehearsals. Meanwhile, Ben and Sammy face life-altering challenges of their own.

  • S1:E7 | Connected | 2-25-15 video

    S1:E7 | Connected | 2-25-15

    S1:E7 | Connected | 2-25-15

    Dylan stakes out what she believes to be her dad's loft, while London tries to get Seth to open up about his family, and Wes' attempt at humor lands him in trouble with Edward.

  • Driver's License video

    Driver's License

    Drake & Josh: "Driver's License"

    Josh is behind the wheel!

  • Football video


    Drake & Josh: "Football"

    Josh is a football star!?! See the WHOLE show in Ha! Ha! Nick!

  • Extra Scoop: Outtakes! video

    Extra Scoop: Outtakes!

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Outtakes"

    Check out a behind-the-scenes blooper reel from the episode!

  • Extra Scoop: Outtakes! video

    Extra Scoop: Outtakes!

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "More Outtakes"

    The Ned's cast suffers a full-on laugh attack!

  • Who's Got Game? video

    Who's Got Game?

    Drake & Josh: "Who's Got Game?"

    Josh is single and ready to mingle!

  • The Great Doheny video

    The Great Doheny

    Drake & Josh: "The Great Doheny"

    Josh finally meets his hero, Henry Doheny, the greatest magician ever!

  • Extra Scoop: Make a Wish Visits video

    Extra Scoop: Make a Wish Visits

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Make-a-Wish Visits"

    Families involved in the Make-a-Wish foundation visit the "Drake & Josh" set.

  • Girl Power video

    Girl Power

    Drake & Josh: "Girl Power"

    Josh meets Mindy's parents...uh oh.

  • Dinner with Bobo video

    Dinner with Bobo

    Drake & Josh: "Dinner with Bobo"

    Only Drake could shop for a new car but buy an orangutan instead.

  • Tree house video

    Tree house

    Drake & Josh: "Tree House"

    Drake and Josh kind of, sorta, accidentally burn down their neighbor's tree house.

  • Josh is Done video

    Josh is Done

    Drake & Josh: "Josh is Done"

    Josh has finally had enough of Drake's antics!

  • Extra Scoop: Driver's Ed video

    Extra Scoop: Driver's Ed

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Driver's Ed"

    Go behind the scenes with "Zoey 101" as the cast learns how to drive go-carts, PCA-style!

  • Extra Scoop: Lights,Camera, Action! video

    Extra Scoop: Lights,Camera, Action!

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

    Step on to the "Drake & Josh" set and see what goes into every episode!

  • The Movie Job video

    The Movie Job

    Drake & Josh: "The Movie Job"

    When Drake gets a job at the movie theater, will Josh be forced out?

  • The Drake and Josh Inn video

    The Drake and Josh Inn

    Drake & Josh: "The Drake and Josh Inn"

    Drake and Josh's latest money-making scheme: a Bed & Breakfast!