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  • Eric Punches Drake video

    Eric Punches Drake

    Drake & Josh: "Eric Punches Drake"

    Josh's still crushing on Mindy, but has she moved on?

  • Megan's First Kiss video

    Megan's First Kiss

    Drake & Josh: "Megan's First Kiss"

    Megan's got a boyfriend...but is he trouble?

  • The Bet video

    The Bet

    Drake & Josh: "The Bet"

    Is it possible for both Drake and Josh to lose the same bet?

  • Helen's Surgery video

    Helen's Surgery

    Drake & Josh: "Helen's Surgery"

    Drake and Josh use Helen's temporary blindness to run wild!

  • Helicopter video


    Drake & Josh: "Helicopter"

    When Drake wins a free skydive, Josh does everything in his power to stop him.

  • Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is video

    Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Hello My Name Is"

    How similar is the cast of "Zoey 101" to the characters they play? Find out!

  • Guitar video


    Drake & Josh: "The Guitar"

    Josh accidentally destroys Drake's prized guitar!

  • The Affair video

    The Affair

    Drake & Josh: "The Affair"

    Drake overhears his dad making secret plans.

  • Nightmares Do Come True! video

    Nightmares Do Come True!

    Buffy: Nightmares Do Come True!

    Buffy lives the dream -- everyone's favorite anxiety dream, that is.

  • It's All About Cordelia video

    It's All About Cordelia

    Buffy: It's All About Cordelia

    Cordelia's so vain, she probably thinks this clip is about her

  • Back From The Grave video

    Back From The Grave

    Buffy: Back From The Grave

    Buffy comes back from the dead looking hot, talking trash, and kicking some serious vampire ass. Welcome back, Buff.

  • Hello Heartbreak, It's Me, Xander video

    Hello Heartbreak, It's Me, Xander

    Buffy: Hello Heartbreak, It's Me, Xander

    Xander finally musters up enough courage to ask Buffy out. WARNING: May cause tear ducts to activate.

  • The Resignation of Buffy Summers video

    The Resignation of Buffy Summers

    Buffy: The Resignation of Buffy Summers

    Being a 16 year-old with the entire weight of the world on your shoulders sucks. Badly. Therefore, Buffy quits.

  • Xander and Willow's Moment video

    Xander and Willow's Moment

    Buffy: Xander and Willow's Moment

    Could it be... Xander and Willow? Buffy totally interrupts their perfect "moment" to save their lives. God, Buffy!

  • Buffy's Mom Is A Bad Ass video

    Buffy's Mom Is A Bad Ass

    Buffy: Buffy's Mom Is A Bad Ass

    Spike and Buffy's first epic battle -- interrupted by her fiercely protective mom.

  • Angel's Jealous Side video

    Angel's Jealous Side

    Buffy: Angel's Jealous Side

    Angel is jealous of Xander, Buffy throws the whole "you're a vampire" thing in his face... typical slayer-vampire relationship stuff.

  • Rules For Dating Cordelia video

    Rules For Dating Cordelia

    Buffy: Rules For Dating Cordelia

    Cordelia lays down the law with her man and her lucky foreign exchange student.

  • Who's The Eskimo? video

    Who's The Eskimo?

    Buffy: Who's The Eskimo?

    While Xander dances with some exchange chick, Willow gets eyed by Oz, the first of many exchanges

  • Buffy: High School Girls Are So Complicated video

    Buffy: High School Girls Are So Complicated

    Buffy: High School Girls Are So Complicated

    Cordelia is a walking stereotype of dimwitted high school girls, and it's awesome!

  • Buffy: Cafeterias Are Gross! video

    Buffy: Cafeterias Are Gross!

    Buffy: Cafeterias Are Gross!

    Seriously, there is HUGE decline in the quality of cafeteria food, but this is just ridiculous

  • Buffy: Willow Interrogation video

    Buffy: Willow Interrogation

    Buffy: Willow Interrogation

    Willow gets her good cop/bad cop on. Well, maybe just bad cop...