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  • What I Like About You video

    What I Like About You

    Chairman Nick Cannon: What I Like About You

    Chairman Nick thinks Amanda Bynes is the perfect blend of sexy and spazzy... but what does he think about YOU?

  • What We Are video

    What We Are

    Chairman Nick Cannon: What We Are

    What's TeenNick all about? Watch this video, featuring Mika's "We Are Golden" and you'll understand.

  • Non-Micromanager video


    Chairman Nick Cannon: Non-Micromanager

    Chairman Nick's management style is the laid-back-est. Unless he happens to know how to do your job better than you do.

  • The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe" video

    The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe"

    The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe"

    If we absolutely had to get stuck in a scary forest being attacked by glowy-eyed creepoids... we might not hate being stuck there with Jordan Witzigreuter, dancing to "Love Like Woe."

  • Beyonce - "Halo" video

    Beyonce - "Halo"

    TeenNick Rocks Out: Beyonce - "Halo"

    Catch Beyonce performing "Single Ladies" from TeenNick Rocks Out!

  • House Of Sting: Dance Jitters video

    House Of Sting: Dance Jitters

    House Of Anubis: "House Of Sting: Dance Jitters"

    Fabian finally asks Nina to the prom and she says yes!

  • The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video video

    The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video

    The Wonder Girls: "The DJ is Mine" Music Video

    Here is the full version of The Wonder Girl's "The DJ is Mine"! The Wonder Girls Special premieres Thursday at 8p et!

  • Lockers video


    Ned's Declassified: "Lockers"

    Ned knows lockers!

  • Project Partners video

    Project Partners

    Ned's Declassified: "Project Partners"

    Moze is crushing on her partner!

  • Talent Show video

    Talent Show

    Ned's Declassified: "Talent Show"

    Talent show time! Click into TurboNick for the WHOLE episode!

  • Tryouts video


    Ned's Declassified: "Tryouts"

    Watch this clip!

  • Rumors/Photo Days video

    Rumors/Photo Days

    Ned's Declassified: "Rumors/Photo Days"

    Can Moze crack a smile?

  • Sick Days/Spelling Bees video

    Sick Days/Spelling Bees

    Ned's Declassified: "Sick Days/Spelling Bees"

    Matt Hoffman guest stars! Click into TurboNick for the WHOLE episode!

  • Crushes/Dances video


    Ned's Declassified: "Crushes/Dances"

    Check out Ned's crush!

  • New Semester/Electives video

    New Semester/Electives

    Ned's: "New Semester/Electives"

    A new semester means new goals./The gang looks for an easy-A class.

  • School Spirit/Lunch video

    School Spirit/Lunch

    Ned's: "School Spirit/Lunch"

    The gang spices up school spirit.

  • Fast Facts video

    Fast Facts

    Ned's Declassified: Fast Facts

    The "Ned's" cast gives you the fast facts about life on the set!

  • Notebooks/Math video


    Ned's: "Notebooks/Math"

    Jackpot! Moze finds a notebook full of gossip!

  • Vice Principals/Mondays video

    Vice Principals/Mondays

    Ned's: "Vice Principals/Mondays"

    Who destroyed the electric sander?

  • Daydreaming/Gym video


    Ned's: "Daydreaming/Gym"

    Don't get caught daydreaming!

  • Valentine's Day/School Websites video

    Valentine's Day/School Websites

    Ned's Declassified: "Valentine's Day/School Websites"

    Cookie's everyone's Valentine!