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  • Teens Know Everything: Celebrity Crushes video

    Teens Know Everything: Celebrity Crushes

    Teens Know Everything: Celebrity Crushes

    What's your celebrity crush?

  • Interview Takeover: Open Heart video

    Interview Takeover: Open Heart

    Interview Takeover: Open Heart

    Learn more about the cast of the new show, Open Heart!

  • Fresh Artist: Ella Henderson video

    Fresh Artist: Ella Henderson

    Fresh Artist: Ella Henderson

    Get a taste of the fresh and talented artist, Ella Henderson!

  • Teens Know Everything: Cliques video

    Teens Know Everything: Cliques

    Teens Know Everything: Cliques

    Which clique are you in?

  • Interview Takeover: Bella and the Bulldogs Cast video

    Interview Takeover: Bella and the Bulldogs Cast

    Interview Takeover: Bella and the Bulldogs Cast

    Learn more about the new show, Bella and the Bulldogs!

  • Open Heart: "Lockdown" First Look video

    Open Heart: "Lockdown" First Look

    Open Heart: "Lockdown" First Look

    London refuses to make peace with Dr. K. Will they ever be friends?

  • Fresh Artist: Hoodie Allen video

    Fresh Artist: Hoodie Allen

    Fresh Artist: Hoodie Allen

    Hoodie Allen digs into his passion for music!

  • Teens Know Everything: Love video

    Teens Know Everything: Love

    Teens Know Everything: Love

    Think you found the one? Find out how others knew they met their true love!

  • Interview Takeover: Olly Murs video

    Interview Takeover: Olly Murs

    Interview Takeover: Olly Murs

    Find out how Olly Murs got his career started!

  • Teens Know Everything: Superpowers video

    Teens Know Everything: Superpowers

    Teens Know Everything: Superpowers

    Yes, flicking earlobes can be a superpower.

  • TeenNick Top 10: Dance! video

    TeenNick Top 10: Dance!

    TeenNick Top 10: Dance!

    Pete Wentz gives the inside scoop on Fall Out Boy's upcoming tour and brand new album!

  • Football video


    Drake & Josh: "Football"

    Josh is on the football team! Too bad he's only the equipment manager.

  • The Jewel Thief video

    The Jewel Thief

    H2O: "The Jewel Thief"

    The girls experiment with the Mako crystals and find out that they're a powerful energy source. When Zane steals one of the crystals, Rikki is furious.

  • Mako Masters video

    Mako Masters

    H2O: "Mako Masters"

    While the girls are taking their finals, the full moon rises early, and they must make a quick exit. They confront the water tentacle in the Moon Pool and receive a message about Mako Island.

  • Beach Party video

    Beach Party

    H2O: "Beach Party"

    Bella plans to ask Will to the end-of-year party -- until she sees him asking Rikki. Sophie tries to convince Zane to rename the cafe.

  • Too Close For Comfort video

    Too Close For Comfort

    H2O: "Too Close For Comfort"

    Don gets a second job doing a pirate show at the marine park, but will his success threaten Cleo's job? Finally a couple, Bella and Will realize they don't have much in common.

  • Episode 114 video

    Episode 114

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 114

    After Loren's eliminated from the contest, Nora's boss Don helps her get the song to Max in an attempt at a second chance.

  • Episode 117 video

    Episode 117

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 117

    Eddie wants to find someone for his dad, who mourns Katy's death on their anniversary. Nora invites Don and Adriana over for dinner.

  • "Hush" video


    Degrassi: "Hush"

    An unknown person knows about Degrassi Nudes and threatens Zoe to confess. Becky thinks that Jonah is coming on to her. Miles and his behavior is getting out of hand.

  • "Something's Got to Give" video

    "Something's Got to Give"

    Degrassi: "Something's Got to Give"

    Imogen digs deeper into finding the students involved with Degrassi Nudes.

  • "Hero vs. Villain" video

    "Hero vs. Villain"

    Degrassi: "Hero vs. Villain"

    Clare discovers that Drew isn't the father. Tristan makes attempts to win Miles back. Zoe thinks Frankie is the Oomfchat blackmailer.