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  • Notes/Best Friends video

    Notes/Best Friends

    Ned's: "Notes/Best Friends"

    Who sent Moze the love note?

  • Cheaters/Bullies video


    Ned's: "Cheater/Bullies"

    Check out Ned's tips on how to avoid bullies!

  • Failing/Tutors video


    Ned's: "Failing/Tutors"

    Ned's tutor isn't actually teaching him anything!

  • Asking Someone Out/Recycling video

    Asking Someone Out/Recycling

    Ned's: "Asking Someone Out/Recycling"

    Ned tries to ask someone out without freezing up!

  • Shyness/ Nicknames video

    Shyness/ Nicknames

    Ned's: "Shyness/Nicknames"

    Simon is tackling shyness as a personal shyness consultant!

  • April Fool's video

    April Fool's

    Ned's Declassified: "April Fool's"

    When a dog actually eats Ned's homework, nobody believes his excuse!

  • Crushes/Dances video


    Ned's Declassified: "Crushes and Dances"

    Ned's tip: they call it a "dance" for a reason! You're supposed to boogie down!

  • Alternative Ending video

    Alternative Ending

    Ned's Declassified: "Alternate Ending"

    What would have happened if Ned & Moze's romance took an out of this world turn?

  • Field Trips video

    Field Trips

    Ned's: "Field Trips/Permission Slips/Signs/Weasels"

    Ned just wants to be with the girl of his dreams...but is Susie or Moze his dream girl?

  • Tests/ When You Like Someone video

    Tests/ When You Like Someone

    Ned's: "Tests/When You Like Someone"

    Ned freaks out then geeks out to pass 3 tests in one day!

  • Health Class video

    Health Class

    Ned's: "Health Class/Jealousy"

    Can Cookie fool Lisa into thinking he has a new girlfriend?

  • Spring Fever/School Newspaper video

    Spring Fever/School Newspaper

    Ned's: "Spring Fever/School Newspaper"

    When Spring Fever strikes, Ned tries to break out of school!

  • Positives/Negatives video


    Ned's: "Positives/Negatives"

    Can Ned cheer up the most negative kid in school?

  • Parties video


    Ned's Declassified: "Parties"

    Cookie's all dolled up for this party!

  • Making Friends video

    Making Friends

    Ned's Declassified: "Making New Friends"

    Ned finds a new friend in Faymen and Cookie's courting the Weasel's friendship.

  • Fundraising/Competition video


    Ned's: "Fundraising/Competition"

    Ned and Cookie try to raise some cash with candy!

  • Getting Organized video

    Getting Organized

    Ned's: "Getting Organized/Extra Credit"

    Can Ned use the same extra credit project in four of his classes?

  • Cell Phones/Woodshop video

    Cell Phones/Woodshop

    Ned's: "Cell Phones/Woodshop"

    Can Ned and Suzie's relationship survive a cell phone disaster?

  • Hallways/Friends Moving video

    Hallways/Friends Moving

    Ned's: "Hallways/Friends Moving"

    Faymen's moving away?!?! Can Ned and Moze help him stay?

  • Library/Volunteering video


    Ned's: "Library/Volunteering"

    Can Ned and Cookie bust the library book stealing ring?

  • Boys/Girls video


    Ned's: "Boys/Girls"

    Now that Ned's not writing the Guide anymore, how will anyone survive Middle School?