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  • You're Kind Of... video

    You're Kind Of...

    O'Grady Moment: You're Kind Of...

    Abby's a lot of things -- but that doesn't mean she wants to hear a list of them.

  • Moment: The Jig is Up video

    Moment: The Jig is Up

    O'Grady Moment: The Jig is Up

    Beth confronts Mr. Lipschitz about his secret Bollywood past.

  • Moment: Secrets video

    Moment: Secrets

    O'Grady Moment: Secrets

    Beth can totally keep a secret. She just hasn't done it yet.

  • Moment: Phone Call video

    Moment: Phone Call

    O'Grady Moment: Phone Call

    OMG! Pete Klesko is calling Abby right now! PETE KLESKO!

  • Moment: Party Planning video

    Moment: Party Planning

    O'Grady Moment: Party Planning

    Abby's got everything Beth needs to throw a party -- tons of decorations and a tube of fake tanner.

  • O'Grady Moment: Make-Out Spot video

    O'Grady Moment: Make-Out Spot

    O'Grady Moment: Make-Out Spot

    The gang's not sure where they're headed -- or who's going to make out when they get there.

  • O'Grady Moment: Magnetic video

    O'Grady Moment: Magnetic

    O'Grady Moment: Magnetic

    When magnets are magnetic, it's a good thing. When people are magnetic, it's just complicated.

  • Moment: Life Partner video

    Moment: Life Partner

    O'Grady Moment: Life Partner

    Now that Abby and Pete are partners, it's easy to see where things are headed.

  • Moment: In-Class Debate video

    Moment: In-Class Debate

    O'Grady Moment: In-Class Debate

    Abby vs. Kevin. Today's topic: Is Kevin brilliant?

  • O'Grady Moment: Chance Meeting video

    O'Grady Moment: Chance Meeting

    O'Grady Moment: Chance Meeting

    Love hurts... especially when you walk straight into each other.

  • Moment: Are You In or Out? video

    Moment: Are You In or Out?

    O'Grady Moment: Are You In or Out?

    Abby's out, Beth's out, and Harold's just out of the loop.

  • Moment: Animal Shelter video

    Moment: Animal Shelter

    O'Grady Moment: Animal Shelter

    What's more relaxing than a day at the spa? Two words -- cat poop.