• (1)Episode 209: The Break

    Episode 209: The Break video

    Exams are over and with one night of freedom, both the boys and the girls go on a mission to prove they'll have more fun without each other.

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  • (2)Episode 208: Connectivity

    Episode 208: Connectivity video

    Christian ditches his pas de deux exam to hang out with Kat, while an overtired Sammy not only puts his exam grades in danger, but Abigail's too.

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  • (3)Episode 207: A Choreographed Life

    Episode 207: A Choreographed Life video

    Tara asks for a break from Christian to focus on her dance studies. Meanwhile, Grace becomes jealous of Abigail and Ethan's friendship.

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  • (4)Episode 206: Like No One's Watching

    Episode 206: Like No One's Watching video

    Sammy is having a difficult time balancing his hectic schedule. Meanwhile, Tara deals with self-esteem issues.

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  • (5)Episode 205: Showcase

    Episode 205: Showcase video

    Ethan and Abigail clash while working together on an important dance performance. Meanwhile, Tara finds it hard to compete with Christian's old friend Kaylah.

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