• (1)Episode 223: Love it or Fight it

    Episode 223: Love it or Fight it video

    Ben attempts to prove in rehearsals for 'Peter Pan" that he's the leading man to Tara, while Kat's role as Tinker Bell makes her re-evaluate her relationship with Christian.

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  • (2)Episode 222: Win or Lose

    Episode 222: Win or Lose video

    Grace's uneasy relationship with her father drives her to seek attention from Zach. Meanwhile, Christian's elimination from the Prix de Fonteyn causes him to act recklessly.

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  • (3)Episode 221: Ladder Theory

    Episode 221: Ladder Theory video

    High expectations for success in the national round of the Prix de Fonteyn fade, as the students of the Academy find themselves not placing well in the competition.

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  • (4)Episode 219: The Naturals

    Episode 219: The Naturals video

    Finally over Christian, Tara hunts for a new crush. Meanwhile, Abigail and Grace realize that they are capable of more in life and dance than they thought.

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