• (1)Episode 213: Backstab

    Episode 213: Backstab video

    Tara risks possible expulsion to compete in the Prix de Fonteyn Preliminary Round. Meanwhile, has Kat made her way back into the Academy?

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  • (2)Episode 212: Breaking Pointe

    Episode 212: Breaking Pointe video

    After a serious injury, Tara isn't able to continue her preparation for the Prix de Fonteyn. Meanwhile, Kat swallows her pride, and allows Abigail to train her for her audition to return to the Academy.

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  • (3)Episode 211: Self Sabotage

    Episode 211: Self Sabotage video

    Grace encourages Tara to take action against Saskia's cruel treatment of her. Meanwhile, Sammy is assigned a Third Year, as a tutor to get him through his exams.

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  • (4)Episode 210: A Good Life

    Episode 210: A Good Life video

    Sammy returns home for his Grandpa Morrie's funeral, and begins to understand his father better. Meanwhile, war breaks out between frenemies, Abigail and Tara.

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  • (5)Episode 209: The Break

    Episode 209: The Break video

    Exams are over and with one night of freedom, both the boys and the girls go on a mission to prove they'll have more fun without each other.

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