• (1)Maya Breaks Down

    Maya Breaks Down video

    Maya finally reacts to losing Cam.

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  • (2)Eli's Shower

    Eli's Shower video

    In the girls' changing room, Eli demonstrates why taking drugs at school is never a good idea.

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  • (3)Space Kiss

    Space Kiss video

    If you really want to impress Jenna, take her on a tour of the galaxy.

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  • (4)Paint Party

    Paint Party video

    Eli wanted a random adventure, and that's exactly what he got.

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  • (5)Degrassi Moment: French Club

    Degrassi Moment: French Club video

    Hey, Zig? If you're gonna sing in another language, make sure it's a language you speak.

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  • (6)Drew vs. Clare

    Drew vs. Clare video

    Clare crashes Drew's party -- and makes quite a splash.

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  • (7)Basement Date

    Basement Date video

    Dallas and Alli are finally alone... but how well does Alli really know her new study buddy?

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  • (8)Juwanna Juicer

    Juwanna Juicer video

    Fiona's about to make your wildest juice fantasies come true.

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