• (1)On the Set: "Jane + Spinner"

    On the Set:

    Paula and Shane are close, but are they close enough to touch tongues on camera?

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  • (2)On the Set: "Metamorphosis"

    On the Set:

    Clare's getting a makeover? Turn up the music -- it's MONTAGE time!

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  • (3)On the Set: "Learning to Talk"

    On the Set:

    The hardest scenes to shoot? The ones where your mouth stops working.

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  • (4)On the Set: "There's a Bare Naked Lady On Set"

    On the Set:

    Behind the scenes at Degrassi, Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies shows off his other talents -- acting, ping pong, and remembering names.

    Play On the Set: "There's a Bare Naked Lady On Set"

  • (5)On the Set: "Goodbye for Now"

    On the Set:

    Behind the scenes at Degrassi, season eight is wrapping up, but there's still time for Shane to channel his inner superhero.

    Play On the Set: "Goodbye for Now"

  • (6)Adamo's Wired

    Adamo's Wired video

    It's Adamo's big night, but he's busy wasting time reminiscing about Saved by the Bell with Lobel.

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  • (7)Deanna Becomes Lexstasy

    Deanna Becomes Lexstasy video

    Watch as Deanna discovers that strippers spend a lot of time freezing off all their parts that aren't covered by the tiny lingerie.

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  • (8)Exploding Turkey

    Exploding Turkey video

    Who knew it's so hard to make a turkey spontaneously spray fake puke all over a starlet?

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  • (9)On the Set: "Hooray for Hollywood"

    On the Set:

    On the set of Degrassi Goes Hollywood: pool parties, mansions, musical numbers, and celebrities so funny it's impossible to keep a straight face.

    Play On the Set: "Hooray for Hollywood"