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  • SLiDE Premieres Thursday August 16th @ 10:30 PM ET! video

    SLiDE Premieres Thursday August 16th @ 10:30 PM ET!

    SLiDE Premieres Thursday August 16th @ 10:30 PM ET!

    Hook-ups. Epic Parties. Endless good-times! SLiDE Premieres Thursday August 16th @ 10:30 PM ET!

  • Scarlett Carlyle video

    Scarlett Carlyle

    Scarlett Carlyle

    Scarlett and her father have a very trusting relationship....

  • Tammy Lane video

    Tammy Lane

    Tammy Lane

    Things get awkward when Tammy goes all... Tammy at her interview.

  • Eva Lee video

    Eva Lee

    Eva Lee

    Eva shows off her artistic side.

  • Luke Gallagher video

    Luke Gallagher

    Luke Gallagher

    FACT: Luke doesn't even need to talk to get with girls.

  • SLiDE OMG: Who Gets Married? video

    SLiDE OMG: Who Gets Married?

    SLiDE OMG: Who Gets Married?

    When the crew gets into the show, Eva gets some bad news..

  • Mug Shots video

    Mug Shots

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Mug Shots"

    Real friends are always there for you -- even when you get busted.

  • Party Pose video

    Party Pose

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Party Pose"

    Ed just met this girl, Scarlett -- and she wants to throw him a party?!

  • Bathroom Etiquette video

    Bathroom Etiquette

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Bathroom Etiquette"

    Tammy mistakenly thinks her new boss is talking to her. HINT: She's not.

  • After Party video

    After Party

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "After Party"

    Only the coolest people stay for the after party, unless you're cleaning...

  • Alone Time video

    Alone Time

    SLiDE: OMG: "Alone Time"

    Girls throwing themselves at him?! Ed's dream has finally come true....kinda

  • Birthday Dance video

    Birthday Dance

    SLiDE: OMG: "Birthday Dance"

    It's Ed's birthday and nothing has gone right for him, time to dance.

  • Ed-Cart video


    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Ed-Cart"

    Shopping carts are all fun and games till someone gets sick in the elevator.

  • Emoticon On A Stick video

    Emoticon On A Stick

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Emoticon On A Stick"

    Someone misplaced their positive pregnancy test...

  • Brotherly Love video

    Brotherly Love

    SLiDE: OMG: "Brotherly Love"

    Nothing says brotherly love like a punch in the face.

  • A Bad Seed video

    A Bad Seed

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "A Bad Seed"

    Scarlett get a memorable scolding from her principle.

  • E=MC "Square" video

    E=MC "Square"

    SLiDE: OMG: 'E=MC "Square"'

    Ed's raps become a little too revealing about his friends.

  • Game Over video

    Game Over

    SLiDE: OMG: "Game Over"

    Tammy ends it with Luke after learning about his not too long ago hookup with Scarlett.

  • Hey Good Lookin' video

    Hey Good Lookin'

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Hey Good Lookin'"

    Ed catches Tammy's eye when he changes his look.

  • Dirty Business video

    Dirty Business

    SLiDE: OMG: "Dirty Business"

    Ed get's his dirty business aired at the mall.

  • Class Act video

    Class Act

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Class Act"

    Nothing seems right when Ed begins to take his exams.