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  • Class Act video

    Class Act

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Class Act"

    Nothing seems right when Ed begins to take his exams.

  • Disco Nap video

    Disco Nap

    SLiDE: OMG: "Disco Nap"

    Luke tells Tammy something he's never told anyone.

  • Not Even Ed's Dreams video

    Not Even Ed's Dreams

    SLiDE: OMG: "Not Even In Ed's Dreams"

    Not even in Ed's sleep deprived dreams does he have a chance with Scarlett.

  • Tammy's Transformation video

    Tammy's Transformation

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Tammy's Transformation"

    Tammy gives in and turns to Scarlett for boy advice

  • SLiDE: "Episode 5" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 5"

    SLiDE: "Episode 5"

    The gang steal a famous statue as a prank, and the public isn't amused. To avoid punishment, they'll have to cover their tracks -- fast! Things heat up between Tammy and Luke.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 6" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 6"

    SLiDE: "Episode 6"

    Eva wants to sneak into a music festival alone, but Tammy, Scarlett, Luke, and Ed tag along. During the trip, tensions run high, and all sorts of secrets are revealed.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 7" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 7"

    SLiDE: "Episode 7"

    Scarlett faces expulsion and the prospect of leaving town forever. Before she goes, the five friends set out to pull off the ultimate day of fun.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 9" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 9"

    SLiDE: "Episode 9"

    Ed tries to make things right with Tammy, but that's the least of his problems. As finals approach, he's not sleeping -- and he's starting to lose his mind.

  • SLiDE: "Episode 10" video

    SLiDE: "Episode 10"

    SLiDE: "Episode 10"

    Now that school's over, everyone's in the mood to celebrate. Tammy decides she's ready to lose her virginity, but not to Ed or Luke.

  • Hard Workers video

    Hard Workers

    SLiDE: Sneak Peek: "Hard Workers"

    Luke gets Tammy and Ed in on a sweet new gig.

  • Eva and Ed video

    Eva and Ed

    SLiDE: OMG: "Eva and Ed"

    A confession Ed makes to Eva takes their friendship to next level.