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  • Undeclared: Rush Week video

    Undeclared: Rush Week

    Undeclared: Rush Week

    Oh Frats, only true friends make you wear a diaper and do car washes at 3 am.

  • Undeclared: Is She Fine? video

    Undeclared: Is She Fine?

    Undeclared: Is She Fine?

    Kevin Hart is just trying to spread the word, and the word is: FINE!

  • Undeclared: Free Money video

    Undeclared: Free Money

    Undeclared: Free Money

    Did you know that when you get to college, they give everyone free money?

  • Undeclared: You've Got Bromance video

    Undeclared: You've Got Bromance

    Undeclared: You've Got Bromance

    A treatise on the virtues of rom coms, by Ken Miller. (Or... is that Seth Rogen telling us how he really feels?)

  • Undeclared: The Subtle Art of Flirting video

    Undeclared: The Subtle Art of Flirting

    Undeclared: The Subtle Art of Flirting

    Amy Poehler guest stars as an R.A. and kicks it to Lloyd.

  • Dorm Party video

    Dorm Party

    Undeclared: Dorm Party

    When having a party it is important to remember who to invite. Hot girls and ugly guys, thus making you look better.

  • Secret Drinking Games video

    Secret Drinking Games

    Undeclared: Secret Drinking Games

    Nothing says welcome to your dorm like your new roomates creating a secret drinking game about you.

  • New Beginnings video

    New Beginnings

    Undeclared: New Beginnings

    College: The one place you can have a new start, even if you are a die hard X-Files fan.

  • It's Not the Size Of Your Gut video

    It's Not the Size Of Your Gut

    Undeclared: It's Not the Size Of Your Gut

    Steve's dad, Hal, gets some relationship advice from Lloyd and Ron. "It's not the size of the gut, it's what the gut represents"