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  • Cast Q+A video

    Cast Q+A

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Cast Q+A"

    Find out the cast's fave spring break destinations, sports, and coolest vacations ever!

  • People Auction video

    People Auction

    Zoey 101: "People Auction"

    Logan has personal cheerleaders!

  • Quinn's Alpaca video

    Quinn's Alpaca

    Zoey 101: "Quinn's Alpaca"

    Quinn's got a depressed alpaca.

  • A Closer Look: Zoey video

    A Closer Look: Zoey

    A Closer Look: "Zoey"

    Zoey's a total fashionista but what's the one accessory she won't leave the dorm without?

  • Quinnventions video


    Zoey 101: "Quinnventions"

    Take a look back at Quinn's most memorable inventions...

  • Chase'n Zoey video

    Chase'n Zoey

    Zoey 101: "Chase'n Zoey"

    Relive the romance...or almost romance...between Chase and Zoey.

  • Extra Scoop: Cast Interviews video

    Extra Scoop: Cast Interviews

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Cast Interviews"

    Find out why the cast is SO psyched for season 3!

  • Surprise video


    Zoey 101: "Surprise"

    What does Chase have to tell Zoey?

  • Chase's Girlfriend video

    Chase's Girlfriend

    Zoey 101: "Chase's Girlfriend"

    Is Chase's girlfriend as sweet as she seems?

  • Hot Dean video

    Hot Dean

    Zoey 101: "Hot Dean"

    Who will fill Dean Rivers' shoes?

  • Quarantine video


    Zoey 101: "Quarantine"

    After releasing a germ, Quinn's got half of PCA quaratined.

  • Zoey's Tutor video

    Zoey's Tutor

    Zoey 101: "Zoey's Tutor"

    A pest's loose in the girls' dorm! Good thing Quinn's on the case!

  • Which Character Are You video

    Which Character Are You

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Which Character Are You"

    Meet the supporting cast on "Zoey 101"!

  • The Great Vince Blake video

    The Great Vince Blake

    Zoey 101: "The Great Vince Blake"

    Chase catches the football team cheating!

  • Silver Hammer Society video

    Silver Hammer Society

    Zoey 101: "Silver Hammer Society"

    Everyone gets invited into the secret society...everyone except Logan.

  • Michael Loves Lisa video

    Michael Loves Lisa

    Zoey 101: "Michael Loves Lisa"

    Logan challenges Chase to go-kart race!

  • Curse of PCA video

    Curse of PCA

    Zoey 101: "Curse of PCA"

    Is an exam so hard that it caused one PCA student to lose his mind?

  • Wrestling video


    Zoey 101: "Wrestling"

    How will Logan handle Zoey's foray into wrestling?

  • Zoey's Balloon video

    Zoey's Balloon

    Zoey 101: "Zoey's Balloon"

    Zoey's deepest, darkest secret is revealed!

  • Chase's Grandma video

    Chase's Grandma

    Zoey 101: "Chase's Grandma"

    Can Logan and Michael pull off a surprise party for Chase?

  • Turbo Q with Ice Cube video

    Turbo Q with Ice Cube

    Turbo Q with Ice Cube

    If Ice Cube could do-over one thing, what would it be?