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  • Vince is Back video

    Vince is Back

    Zoey 101: "Vince Is Back"

    Vince Blake has returned to PCA! Uh oh...

  • Dinner for Two Many video

    Dinner for Two Many

    Zoey 101: "Dinner for Two Many"

    Zoey's searching for some quality time with James!

  • Prank Week video

    Prank Week

    Zoey 101: "Prank Week"

    After a prank goes wrong, Zoey gets expelled from PCA!

  • Coffee Cart Ban video

    Coffee Cart Ban

    Zoey 101: "Coffee Cart Ban"

    Dean Rivers has banned coffee carts on the PCA campus!

  • The Roller Coaster video

    The Roller Coaster

    Zoey 101: "The Roller Coaster"

    The physics teacher is taking Zoey's class to an amusement park!

  • Chasing Zoey: Lola's Diagnosis video

    Chasing Zoey: Lola's Diagnosis

    Zoey 101: "Chasing Zoey"

    The end of school and prom are almost here. Is Lola right about "I Love You" shock?

  • Backpack video


    Zoey 101: "Backpack"

    Someone stole Zoey's idea and is making money off of it!

  • Disc Golf video

    Disc Golf

    Zoey 101: "Disc Golf"

    Zoey's through with running laps in gym class...

  • Lola Likes Chase video

    Lola Likes Chase

    Zoey 101: "Lola Likes Chase"

    Lola asked out Chase! Is Zoey...jealous?

  • Robot Wars video

    Robot Wars

    Zoey 101: "Robot Wars"

    Quinn overhears Logan making fun of her...

  • The Play video

    The Play

    Zoey 101: "The Play"

    Will Chase finally get to kiss Zoey?

  • Spring Fling video

    Spring Fling

    Zoey 101: "Spring Fling"

    Drake Bell performs at Pacific Coast Academy's Spring Fling!

  • Bad Girl video

    Bad Girl

    Zoey 101: "Bad Girl"

    Zoey finds out about Dustin's new girlfriend!

  • Broadcast Views video

    Broadcast Views

    Zoey 101: "Broadcast Views"

    Chase's webcast is a hit after Zoey & Logan call in to spice things up!

  • Jet-X video


    Zoey 101: "Jet-X"

    The Jet-X is the coolest vehicle on campus!

  • Defending Dustin video

    Defending Dustin

    Zoey 101: "Defending Dustin"

    Zoey sticks up for Dustin!

  • Bad Girl: Lab Partner video

    Bad Girl: Lab Partner

    Zoey 101: "Bad Girl: Lab Partner"

    Trisha is a bad girl-18 detentions last year! Does she have a thing for Dustin?

  • School Dance video

    School Dance

    Zoey 101: "School Dance"

    A PCA personality quiz pairs Zoey with Chase!

  • Spring Fling video

    Spring Fling

    Zoey 101: "Spring Fling"

    Drake Bell performs at PCA's Spring Fling!

  • Rumor of Love video

    Rumor of Love

    Zoey 101: "Rumor of Love"

    James Garrett, the new boy at school, is breaking hearts...but does Zoey have his?

  • Fake Roommate video

    Fake Roommate

    Zoey 101: "Fake Roommate"

    After taking Zoey's advice, Coco is fired and it's up to Zoey to get her job back!